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Access to pertinent and relevant information is critical to sound and prudent decision making. This Section of the website provides you with practical and unbiased information, and with many Tools and Tips to help you try to achieve your goals and financial success. Here you will find different calculators to analyze different scenarios, using different variables, to make decisions with your money. We have also included a Tax Center Section which helps with the different Tax Rates and Tax Due Dates, and a Record Retention guide which indicates how long different records or documents should be kept for. You will also find a link to the IRS website to Track your Refund. Lastly, we have included a Tax and Financial Guides Section which includes different Tax Tips for Individuals and/or Businesses, different Strategies to consider, and several “What If” scenarios. All of the information contained within this website is provided for informational purposes only, and is not intended to be a substitute for obtaining accounting, tax, or financial advice from a professional accountant.


1008, 2017

Tax Due Dates

We have included a Tax Center Section which annually helps with the different tax rates and tax due dates, and [...]

2106, 2017

Tax financial guides for business

Organizational and Start Up Costs Expenses incurred before a business begins operations are not allowed as current deductions. These Startup [...]

2204, 2017

Qualifying Potential Clients

When it comes to potential clients, there are two situations in building a service-based business: No leads or very few [...]

1901, 2017

Tips For Small Businesses

Keep it simple starting out. The simplest form of entity for running your first business is called a sole proprietorship. [...]